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Well, here it is. 6 months almost to the day and we finished @yorkatron ‘s backpiece! I really enjoyed the mix of eclectic ideas he wanted incorporated (space waves?) and I think we managed to fit them all in but still kept it classy, well, classy for me!
This piece is extra sweet for me cos it’s the first large piece I’ve started and finished after coming back from my maternity leave, think we even started a week after I came back in January.
Like any woman coming back to work after having a baby, I was scared and anxious. Having the most loving and supportive husband I could wish for was the main thing that got me through that transition. Thank you @stewart_modernclassic, I could not have done it without you or our amazing crew at @modernclassictattoo who were kind and patient with me throughout. Char, @charliebraddock, @danixtattooer, @tracydtattoos you guys rule.
A huge thank you to York and all my super customers for your patience and perseverance while I found my way back and worked out how to adjust to my new schedule.
Motherhood is everything I wanted it to be and more, my life feels richer than ever now I have Hannah as well as my tattoo family. I am thankful 🏻