If you’d like to enquire about getting tattooed by me or find out more about my schedule and upcoming conventions please call the studio directly, as that’s the quickest way to find out.

0207 386 3252

To reach out to me, in a less urgent manner, about what you’d like to get tattooed, please fill out the form below with as much information as possible relating to your idea.

I’m always looking to start large scale work such as backpieces, bodysuits and sleeves. But I’m also equally excited to do larger single-session pieces, hand-sized or bigger, specially since I can sometimes squeeze them in when I have a cancellation.

If I like your idea and think I can fit you in, I will get back in touch in due course. However, this may take a while so please be patient!

If i think any of my lovely team here at Modern Classic tattoo would be better suited for your idea I will also let you know.
Meanwhile check out their work over the Modern Classic tattoo website galleries!



    Modern Classic tattoo

    346 North End road
    Fulham, London
    SW6 1NB
    0207 386 3252

    Opening Hours
    Tuesday—Saturday: 11AM–7:00PM
    Sunday & Monday: Closed