I have been tattooing in London since 2007. I first began at the world famous Frith Street tattoo in Soho, where I was able to build a loyal clientele who were attracted by my bold traditional designs.

In October 2014 my husband, Stewart Robson, and I opened our very own tattoo studio, the most wonderful Modern Classic tattoo.

I work many prestigious tattoo conventions around the world throughout the year such as the one and only London tattoo convention, Le Mondial du Tatouage in Paris and the Bay Area Convention in San Francisco, as well as some of my favourite, more local shows like the Scottish tattoo show and the Bristol tattoo show.

In 2012 Vice filmed a 3 part documentary about me and my work as part of the Tattoo Age series. I felt honoured and excited to be a part of such an exciting project.

I love working on repeat customers but if you’d like to get tattooed by me for the first time, the best way to approach me is by calling Modern Classic directly to find out my availability!