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Thank you for all your patience and interest over the last few days! I’m stoked to tell you about Everence, it is a patented technology that allows tattoo customers to add DNA from a loved one into a new tattoo or an already existing one. Whether it’s from a family member, best friend or even beloved pet.
This flexibility is what drew me to Everence, certainly on a personal level. Having just given birth to my first child and coupled with my mother’s declining health, it’s a product I can’t wait to use to honour two of the most important women in my life.
Everence is a new tool for tattoo customers, to allow you to take control of acquiring the DNA sample, sending it off, receiving your Everence and to give it to your tattooer.
As an artist, a concern of mine was whether I’d need to use specific inks, or change the tattooing process or even if it would dictate certain design aspects of a customer’s tattoo. The answer to all of those is no, it doesn’t! The customer simply takes their Everence to their chosen artist.
@virginiaelwood and @stephanietamez asked me to be involved a while ago and even though it sounded exciting, specially the science bit, it took me a little more for me to get it. Thankfully for those of us wanting to know in a little more detail what Everence is, how it’s applied etc, there’s now a live website with a very in-depth FAQ and stories from customers and some of the scientists involved.
Check out & the website,